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Our Creative Approach


​Steady Creek Cinema combines the artistic edge of modern media with the practicality of traditional videography. We are committed not only to documenting the events of your day for memory's sake, but portray them with charm, class and a personal insight of who you are.


Our versatility ranges from the creation of feature-length documentary-style films as well as a short, cinematic films to share your story with your family and friends. 


When you choose Steady Creek Cinema, you're not merely hiring some guy with a camera... but creative professionals with years of experience to draw upon. 


Our Philosophy

This day isn't about us… it's all about you! We do not pose the couple or ask them to say things into the camera. As such we make every effort to remain discreet and noninvasive while working, and use compact equipment.  Couples often remark that they barely noticed we were even there! 



Quality Control


We care greatly about how your images look, your audio sounds, and how your films are presented editorially. We spare no effort in refining all aspects of your video to optimal quality.  We mix and color-correct all recorded media so that your feature looks and sounds as great as possible.  


We use multiple High Definition 1080p cameras as well  as portable and wireless audio recording equipment. We shoot in 1080p and 4k.


We shoot with a narrative mindset, and strive to document in a manner that is visually appealing and conveys each moment with dignity and charm.  During post production, each shot is carefully chosen and edited together to convey the progression of your day in a timely, captivating manner. 


Production Details
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